What Is An Ergonomic Mouse?

Written by Jin May Soo


  • What is an Ergonomic mouse?

  • The problems with the standard mouse

  • The benefits and drawbacks of an Ergonomic mouse

  • Verdict of the Ergonomic mouse - should you get one?

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Ever seen those funky-looking mice, wondering what they are? Well, if you aren’t a tech junkie, chances are your eyes will just glaze over these alien-looking inventions that could have prevented you from a world of pain! 

Clicking away at the computer is a repetitive motion that we do every day at work. 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, and even more when we decided to put in the extra hours. The mouse is the most frequently used gadget that has become an essential part of our computer operation. It accounts for two-thirds of computers’ operation time for an average user. 

That being said, the mouse has, in many studies, been unfortunately linked with discomfort and strain in the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands as a result of extensive work with computer mice. Or as some term it, the Mouse Arm Syndrome. It’s surprising that such an innocent, small device has the potential to inflict harm upon us, don’t you think?

The Mousetrap

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The conventional computer mouse (the flat-looking one with two buttons and a scroll wheel in between) that you rely on for navigation, stresses on your forearm and forces your wrist to rotate from its natural position every time you attempt to grasp the mouse.

Long periods of repeated usage of these unnatural, uncomfortable and twisted movements are bad. It puts pressure on the tendons and compresses the median nerve that runs inside the corridor between the forearm and hand. The more demanding a job is, the more potential you are at risk for Repetitive Strain Injury or Mouse Arm Syndrome. 

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These ailments tend to manifest into pain, weakness, or even numbness in your wrists and fingers. Once injured, the restriction in movement brought about by the pain, not only impedes your ability to work, but can also be incredibly frustrating as it starts to interfere with your daily routine. Imagine having difficulty with simple tasks such as turning your doorknob.

Why go Ergonomic?

While there is no ironclad proof that Ergonomic mice are able to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury, but Ergonomic mice are designed to restrict or remove movements that have been known to cause these injuries and enable people who already suffer from these conditions to continue using a mouse without further aggravating their condition. 

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According to Johnson, an Emeritus Professor from the University of Washington, “Based on our research and the research of others, ergonomic mice that promote a more upright hand and wrist posture (like a handshake) better match our complex anatomy and can put less strain on our muscles. An ergonomic mouse can play an important role in promoting comfort.”

An Ergonomic mouse is perfectly crafted to fit the shape of your palm. It allows you to keep your arms, hands, and wrists in a natural position which helps you to reduce the pressure on your wrist. In addition, they are designed to ensure less movement, which in return reduces fatigue and unwanted muscle activity that could lead to common conditions like the Mouse Arm Syndrome. 

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As they say, a great mouse becomes one with your arm!

Putting the health benefits aside, there are even more reasons as to why we should all get an Ergonomic mouse. Aesthetics plays a huge role in the current generation as it expresses our inner individuality and personality. You have got to give it to them, the peculiar-looking device is definitely an attention seeker! 

Not only are they aesthetic, but they are also all about functionality and efficiency. A double win! Appealing in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and features, there is a variety of Ergonomic mice to meet your expectations and requirements while allowing you to subtly, express yourself.

Imagine the number of people walking past your desk and then, casually starting a conversation with you because they could not contain their curiosity about the fascinating object on your table! 

So ditch the outdated soap bar design and go ergonomic!

Trust us, your arms will thank you for that. 

The cons of going Ergonomic

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We may have preached to you about the benefits of having an Ergonomic mouse but there are always two sides to a coin. To start, Ergonomic mice tend to be more expensive than your ordinary mouse and can be a dealbreaker for some. The Ergonomic mouse can also take quite some time to get used to, especially if you are using the vertically-designed ones where you are literally trying to fight gravity like Jennifer Lawrence in the Passenger. 

If you are a graphic designer or gamer, the mouse plays a vital role in your ability to operate hence, your quick cursor movement and ultra-precise pointing will be hampered until you have gained mastery over it. Learning is always hard, especially at first. It weeds out anyone who is reluctant to push through the initial difficulties - which is most people. Therefore, the transition period can be tricky and frustrating for many users. 

Particularly for those of you who have been using a traditional mouse for a long, long time - we are talking about 10 to 20 years - it can be like learning to write with your non-dominant hand. Muscle memory, a skill in which you acquired through frequent repetition motions which in return allows you to move accurately and faster over time, is not so easily overwritten. 

Unfortunately, it is also muscle memory that determines your skills in mousing. 

It is also the very reason why Ergonomic Horizontal Mouse is more favourable but we will talk about that more in the Types of Ergonomic Mice. 

Ergonomic mouse - yay or nay?

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It is important to note that having an Ergonomic mouse does not make up for badly-designed workplaces or poor working habits. Taking regular breaks from your desk throughout the day is equally important as having an ergonomic workstation. However, an Ergonomic mouse does take you a step further in developing an Ergonomic workplace. 

The aim of an Ergonomic workstation is to optimize our well-being and improve productivity by reducing physical and mental strains that we often face brought about by poorly designed workstations. If you are interested in setting up your own, you can read it up more over here

Returning to the verdict, an Ergonomic mouse may be pricier than an average standard mouse and difficult to master at the beginning (if you are planning to go beyond the Ergonomic Horizontal Mouse) but it does improve your overall well-being and upgrade the quality of your life. Moreover, it reduces the chances of contracting Repetitive Strain Injury or Mouse Arm Syndrome, even when the job gets demanding. 

There are some things money can’t buy and health is one of them. 

Just like buying a superior bed for your back, why not invest in an Ergonomic mouse for your arms?

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