What You Should Look For In Home Security Cameras

Written by: Justine Liew

Source: PCMag

Home security cameras have come a long way over the past few years. They do more than just ward off trespassers but serve multiple other purposes such as home automation, environmental protection, medical assistance, and more. Statistics have also found an increase in home invasions, making home security cameras worth the investment. Especially when you have kids and the elderly living under the same roof, their safety and well-being most likely become one of your top concerns. 

Today, we will be looking into 8 different factors you should consider before purchasing a home security camera. Let’s dive right into it!


Having a distorted, blurry, or pixelated video and image captured from a home security camera will not be of help when reporting a burglary. Searching for cameras that offer the highest quality and resolution should be one of the aspects to consider.

Nowadays, most cameras do support 1080p, and some support an even higher resolution of up to 4K. Do bear in mind that higher resolution cameras will use more internet, Wi-Fi bandwidth, and battery life (if applicable). No matter the resolution, it is also worth investing in a camera with a relatively wide viewing angle.

Motion Detection

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Having in-built sensors that detect movement is one of the most desirable features to look for in a security camera. That way, you can go about your daily business with ease of mind while letting the cameras do its work by alerting you of any suspicious activity in your home. These sensors pick up the slightest of movements, such as leaves blowing outside a window, and send an alert straight to notify you. 

Sometimes, it can be frustrating to receive an onslaught of alerts for every minor movement, and when you do get an alert for suspicious behavior, you might disregard it (kind of like the story of the boy who cried wolf). Therefore, you should choose a camera system that offers the ability to customize, narrow down the range of detection, and adjusts the sensitivity.

Two-Way Audio

The purpose of two-way audio is that it allows you to be in two places at once as well as provide added protection. Security cameras with speakers enable two-way communication between the person behind the screen and the person in front of the camera. This may come in handy when dealing with situations such as giving instructions to the postman or notify a trespasser that they have been caught on camera. The ability to hear what goes on outside your home gives you a clearer and complete picture of the situation when you are absent.

Night Vision

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Most break-ins occur during the night. Look for security cameras with night vision capabilities to provide you with the protection needed while also acting as a deterrent against burglaries and theft. Moreover, it allows for capturing a clearer and defined image of the person in question.

Most home security cameras support infrared LED illumination to deliver black and white night video, although some use white light to deliver a full-colour night video. Some cameras also automatically switch to night vision in low-light while others are customizable to when and how they should be activated.

Remote Access

Being able to access and have full control of your security cameras is one of the benefits to look for when buying a home security camera. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to keep a close eye on your property. That way, you can monitor your home and the surroundings while you are away on a business trip or even at work with peace of mind.

Additionally, some security cameras offer plenty of options for customizing the way the camera functions. Having remote access to your security cameras allows you to remotely control alerts, adjust motions, and sensitivity levels with just a few clicks.

Security Concerns

Source: NBC News

It’s no surprise that IT devices are prone to security breaches, no matter how protected they may be. In some cases, hackers can also compromise home security cameras to spy on people. It is important to look for security cameras that let you set a unique code in the encryption to keep data private.

Other than that, security cameras with two-factor authentication can also prevent unauthorized access to your security footage and accounts. This is because it requires a passcode in addition to keying in your username and password. A bonus is when it is compatible with fingerprint or face IDs on your mobile device. Lastly, you should check what actions the manufacturer has taken to prevent this from happening. 

Storage Options

Home security cameras store footage in various ways, the most common being local and cloud. Local storage typically comes in the form of a micro-SD card, built into the camera, or by storing in external hard drives. Whereas with cloud storage, the footage automatically gets uploaded onto a cloud server via a WiFi connection.

However, some cameras give you free access to your footage for some time before subscribing to a storage plan. Look for security cameras that offer different options for flexibility. Keep in mind that the amount of storage needed varies according to the type of security camera.

Battery Backups

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Security cameras are rendered redundant if they get disconnected during a power outage. There are times when it happens unexpectedly or it can be caused by robbers who deliberately cut off the electricity before breaking in. Choose one with a proper battery backup incorporated to keep things running smoothly even if the power goes out. This prevents losing all forms of evidence in the event a crime occurs during power shortages.

Some cameras also run for a short time on battery power while others run for a much longer time until the electricity comes back on. It is also good to check your backup batteries regularly and replace them when necessary to ensure your security camera system runs smoothly for ease of mind.


Ultimately, there are many more key features to look for when purchasing a home security camera, not just limited to the few listed above. You should look for one that checks off everything your home requires. In general, outdoor security cameras are more expensive than their indoor counterparts. Many affordable security cameras have good video performances but as with any other devices, the more expensive it is, the more features it includes. The decision is entirely up to you and your preference. 

We do hope that this article has given you some helpful tips when looking for a home security camera.