How To Work Efficiently From Home

Written by: Jin Hui Soo

Are you struggling to be effective and efficient working from home? If you are easily distracted, chances are, you will find it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Many of us have started working on a rotational basis or fully from home and god knows, how we really missed the office where it's cool, clean and distraction-free. 

However, fear not! Here are some helpful tips from PCByte to work effectively:

Motivation And Regular Work Hours


Living in the 20s, where everything is flexible, it is truly regretful to admit that sticking to a regular schedule is indeed important, especially when most of us are working from home. Unlike working in the office, where you have an inner reminder to “go home”, working from home tends to burn us out as we often work overtime which in return, hampers our productivity.

So, fix a work schedule and start it off with a morning routine. A morning routine can be anything from a cup of coffee to a morning jog, whatever that gives you the motivation to start your day on the positive note. Now, if you are a workaholic like us, how do we get a pause button?

The answer is simple - learn to “work to live”. The reason why some of us are so driven in our jobs is because we are passionate about it. So, find a hobby that you are passionate about. Take up painting, learn to jog a marathon or even just spend time with your loved ones. A hobby can assist in destressing oneself and regulating work-life balance.

Clear Communication Between Your Teammates


Nobody likes communication that leads to more questions and confusion. Set your goals and prep your deliveries before talking to your teammates. Understand what it is that you need from them and how to get the message across.

By refining your thought process and communication flow, your messages will be clear, simple and easily grasped. Having said that, it is important to understand that clear communication does not mean not repeating yourself. Unfortunately, the human brains process thoughts differently for every individual hence, a certain amount of repetition is necessary to get the message across.

Aside from that, it is important for everyone in the team to be in sync with one another. To stay engaged and in contact with one another enables work to flow more cohesively as a group.

Work-Only Zone


Ah.. the Work-Only Zone. With kids and parents shuffling all about, how do we get Narnia at home? You can’t. There’s simply no magical tree to which you can chop its wood and create a hidden-new-world-wardrobe. So, you will just have to create one.

Start by dedicating an office space in your home. Find a spot that is most secluded, comfortable and most important, clutter-free to minimize distractions and keep to that spot whenever you are working. This helps to define your work time from your personal time and also, stimulates your brain to “work mode” when you are in the zone.

Then, set ground rules with the people in your space. Define clearly what they can or cannot do during that time and just because you’re home, doesn’t mean that you’re free to “do the laundry”.

Teatime, Anyone?


Timed breaks or as I like to call them “Teatime” is very crucial to protect your mental health from breaking down when overwhelmed and exhaustion starts to crawl in.

Short timed breaks like watering plants and taking a walk to the kitchen for a coffee refill can simply do the trick. The key point is to walk away from your desk and take a breather, reorganize your mind and then, go back to tackle the issue at hand.

Go Easy On Yourself

Source: freepik

Although most successful remote employees have a reputation for being extremely disciplined, their character wasn’t achieved overnight. They, too, had to struggle and refine their schedules and environments until it worked for them.

Many of us, however, found ourselves abruptly in this situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic and have only started to begin the refinement process. So, it is normal for us to mess up from time to time. Go with the famous 80/20 rules that people swear by in the diet world. As long as you are 80% disciplined, don’t beat yourself over the 20% when you got sidetracked.

Most importantly, if you are under the weather, take the sick time you need. It is vital to rest up and get better to be productive in the long term. And let’s be clear on one thing, staying home, working, is not resting. Recuperation includes both the mind and body.

In short, it’s important to establish a routine and allow yourself some breather when working. These tips can be applied in office settings as well to tackle work more effectively thus, it is not that different after all. In fact, working from home may even lead to a better quality of life as you’re not restrained to a rigid work environment, less time spent on commuting and more time to spend with loved ones. Once we’ve mastered this, we can take it to the next level by boosting our productivity when working from home.