Robot Vacuum

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Range

Looking for the robot vacuum Australia prefers? PCByte offers access to the popular Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaners. They’re perfect for those on the go or who can’t find the time to clean. You can set and forget these tiny vacuums so that they can switch on to do the cleaning while you’re at work, at the gym, or out for dinner. For added convenience, they’re quiet and quick, making your cleaning routine even easier. These uber-intelligent devices can map a room to ensure that they hit the corners and main traffic areas to sweep up dust and debris left behind. Long-lasting and easy to use, the brushes are simply swapped out when you need a new one. Browse our full range of Xiaomi robot vacuums and brushes online here.

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Why Choose Xiaomi

When looking for a robot vacuum cleaner in Australia, it’s important to consider brands. At PCByte, we carry Xiaomi because it’s one of the leading names in the industry of consumer tech products. With automatic scheduling, you can set the vacuum to clean simultaneously every day, skip a day or clean only when you decide it's time. Xiaomi products also come with access to the Mi Home App, meaning you can get your robot vacuum cleaning even when you’re out of the house. Extremely reliable and convenient, these devices even log maps of where they’ve cleaned so you can be sure that there are no missed rooms. Xiaomi provides a warranty as a satisfaction guarantee for their products.

Easy Cleaning

Robot vacuums are ideal for those who are busy or not home a lot as they can be set to clean while you’re away. You’ll never miss a cleaning day even when you’re out. They’re also favoured by pet owners who don’t want to vacuum up pet hair multiple times per week. The Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum can do a daily sweep to remove loose hair from your floors so that you don’t need to stress about company coming over. They also have long battery life and are able to clean multiple rooms at once. These smart machines will dock to recharge and then can continue if they’re in the middle of their work. If you’re looking to do less cleaning, come home to sparkling floors or remove daily dirt easily, we suggest investing in a quality robot vacuum. Australian shoppers are quickly finding out why these little machines make such a big impact.