Viomi A9 Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner | PCByte Australia

  • Strong Suction

  • 60 minutes of continuous work

  • 100000rpm brushless motor with a high-speed roller cleaning

  • 23000Pa with 120W suction power

  • Five-filter system: 1st cyclone, metal mesh, 2nd cyclone, sponge, H12 HEPA

  • Anti-mite nozzle

Xiaomi Viomi A9

Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Xiaomi Viomi A9 has a flashlight on the front of the standard nozzle, which helps to more effectively use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning such dark corners as the space under the bed or under the closet. The set already contains 4 nozzles, including a standard nozzle with a rotating brush, narrow with a long nap (for folds of a sofa, curtains and chandeliers), narrow with a short hard nap (for example, for a keyboard), and a special nozzle for cleaning upholstered furniture, pillows, etc. toys. These features make the Viomi handheld vacuum cleaner an excellent solution and the most cost-effective option in terms of price and performance.

High suction power

Thanks to the high pressure of 23000 Pa in combination with the high suction power of 120 W, the Xiaomi Viomi A9 vacuum cleaner effectively captures both large and small particles. The power consumption of the device is 400 W.

Five-stage air purification

One of the advantages of the Xiaomi Viomi A9 cordless vacuum cleaner is the five-step air purification. The HEPA12 system separates up to 99.9% of contaminants from clean air and collects them in a container with a capacity of 0.4 liters.

60 minutes of continuous work

Xiaomi Viomi A9 has a 2500 mAh removable battery, which allows continuous cleaning for 60 minutes. This time is enough for full cleaning of a large room. The charge level is displayed on a light indicator on the surface of the device. The main brush of the vacuum cleaner is designed for floors and carpets and has a built-in electric drive. The electric brush is equipped with LED lighting to improve the visibility of hard-to-reach places and dark corners in the room.

Anti-mite nozzle

The medium-sized nozzle is designed for soft surfaces such as bedding. The brush of the nozzle has a built-in electric drive and performs 6000 rpm. The brush removes bacteria, dust mites and pet hair. Also in the package for the Xiaomi Viomi A9 vacuum cleaner there is a narrow nozzle designed for cleaning in hard-to-reach places and crevices. The nozzle is ideal for cleaning sofas, armchairs and beds. The fleecy nozzle is designed for safe cleaning of various computer peripherals, such as a computer keyboard or laptop.