Xiaomi Mi Dash Cam 1S | PCByte Australia

  • 1080P, Star night vision

  • 3D Noise reduction

  • up to 140 degree angle of view

  • Parking Monitor

  • Built in gravity sensor, detect collision and automatically save data

  • 3 inch IPS large screen

  • WiFi connection available to view monitoring screens in real time

  • Smart Voice control

Original Xiaomi 1S Car DVR Camera Video Recorder

3D NOise Reduction / IPS Large Screen /Voice Control

1080P Star Night VIsion

Adopt with IMX307 sensor, combine with F1.8 large aperture for 140 degress wide angle

IMX307 / 140 Degrees / F1.8

SigmaStar Chip for Strong Performance

Full HD 1080p Image sensor, H.264 video decoding, clearer picture. 3D noise reduction can remove noise in dark state, improve the clarity of nighttime video, and make every second video worthwhile at critical moments.

Smart Voice Control

With powerful voice control function, vcamera and video can be operated quickly by voice. Easy to use, more fun to drive.

Simple Appearance, 3 inch IPS Large Screen

The body is made of lightweight aluminum and is made by an integrated molding process. With a large lens design, it is more visually appeaking. IPS large screen resolution is 640x360, the picture is clearer

Parking Monitor

Automatically enters the parking monitoring mode after the vehicle is turned off. The accelerometer of the driving recorder continously monitors the state of the vehicle and automatically records the monitoring video and isolates the storage when the vehicles is abnormally vibrated. Close to the built-in battery of the driving recorder to realize parking monitoring, no seperate wiring, safe and convenient

Collision Lock, Save
Data, Restore the Truth

Built-in gravity sensor, the sensitivity is adjustable. In case of emergency, the live image data can be stored seperately to avoid looping video coverage.

Connect to WiFi to view monitoring screens in real time

Installation method of electrostatic stickers and high temperature resistant glue


Installation Steps

1. Install the electrostatic sticker

2. Connect the drive recorder and stand

3. Attach the stand to the electrostatic sticker

4. Take power through the cigarette lighter