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Some Frequently Asked Questions Answered


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Xiaomi Gateway is the hub around which all of Xiaomi’s home automation products synchronize with each other. It is a device that doubles up as an alarm, but its main function is to sync all devices with each other and is controlled from the Mi Home App directly. It is also an evolution of the Mi Smart Hub. 

This can happen when:

  1. Your WiFi network is not strong enough and your Yeelights are located in a spot where WiFi isn’t retrievable. 

  2. Your Yeelight bulb is not connected to the connector socket.

  3. The smart switch which connects to your Yeelight is not switched on. The Yeelight still needs to be powered on to ensure that you can control it through the app. 

To resolve this:

  1. Check that your router is strong enough to ensure it reaches every spot in your home.

  2. Replace the connector socket if needed.

  3. Ensure the smart switch is switched on; you can see the status of this through your app.

The Mi Home App is your central hub and the place where you can control all your smart devices. 

  1. Install the Mi Home App for your iOS or Android devices

  2. After installation, select Mainland China as the country. If you select a different location, you may have trouble connecting the devices

  3. Register your information or log in to an existing account

  4. Select a region (your location) and the way of account binding

  5. Create your password. Enter the password twice, enter the code, and click ‘Submit’ 

  6. The confirmation will be sent to the email address provided, and activate the account from there

  7. Select language, Profile > Settings > Language > English (or whichever you are more comfortable with)

The Automation tab is used for setting up scripts as most Xiaomi Smart Home settings can be done here. The center of the tab would show the current scripts with the status switch. And on the upper right corner, it contains two buttons: Support and Script Log. 

  • The Script logs can be used to track which scenarios work best. Although you cannot partially clear a log, you can, however, delete it completely. 

  • The round button with a + symbol at the bottom of the Mi Home App allows you to add a new automation script. 

Firstly, it is necessary to choose the type of condition under which the ‘script’ is triggered. 

  • Add Conditions : You can select one or more conditions under which the script is run. In this setting, the conditions will be triggered by a rule. If you have selected several conditions, the script will run only when all conditions are met. For example, turning on the lights when motion is detected and only in the dark. 

  • Meeting One Condition : You can set up several conditions which one of them triggers a scenario. 

  • Adding instructions : You can set up the action to be performed when the condition is triggered. 

  • Effective Time Period : You can set up the active time of the script and you can also configure the active days of the week and time of the day. 

Yes, you can! Simply head to the ‘Shared Devices’ tab. This tab contains two bookmarks, namely ‘My Devices’ and ‘Shared With Me’. 

  • Click on the ‘Shared Device’ tab

  • You can choose to either share or accept other devices

  • Enter the account number or you can find it using their phone number

  • Select the ‘Share’ button and it will send an invitation out to the selected user

It works over the existing wifi network and connects to Xiaomi cloud servers located in China. All the sensors are connected to the gateway by ZigBee protocol. As the gateway/hub is tied up to your Xiaomi account, you can control the smart devices from Mi Home App as long as you have an internet connection.

**Note, this is only applicable for Mi account users. **