MSY stocks hundreds of keyboards from the biggest and most trusted brands. Browse our huge computer keyboard range, including mechanical keyboards, gaming keyboards and wireless keyboards.


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Personalized Deals in Keyboards!

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Keyboard buying guide

These days, there are lots of personalisation options to help find the best keyboard for your work, everyday or gaming needs. MSY’s massive range of keyboards come in a few sizes, with multiple key switch types and different ways to connect.

Keyboard sizes

Keyboards today are available in different sizes outside of the typical full-size keyboard. Save desk space with a smaller 75 percent or 60 percent keyboard, or laser focus in on gaming essentials with a tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard. Alternatively, go even smaller with a gaming keypad.

Keyboard switch types

The most basic distinction between keyboards is whether you go for a traditional membrane keyboard or opt for a more responsive mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboard switches tend to be one of three varieties: linear switches feel smooth and consistent, tactile switches have a noticeable bump on actuation, and clicky switches have a typewriter-like sound on key actuation.

Keyboard connectivity

Keyboards are either wired or wireless, and it’s okay to cut the cord. Wireless technology has advanced to the point where Bluetooth keyboards and 2.4GHz wireless keyboards are incredibly responsive.

Keyboards to suit your mood

It makes sense to focus on the practical factors when sourcing a new keyboard. But for more personalised considerations, MSY sells heaps of keyboards from the most popular brands, including keyboard/mouse combos, colourful options and keyboards for use outside of computers.

Popular keyboard brands

MSY has the latest, greatest keyboards from the biggest and most trusted brands. Shop here for a new Logitech keyboard, Razer keyboard, Corsair keyboard, and dozens of other keyboard brands.

Keyboard-and-mouse combos

While there are lots of standalone keyboard options at MSY, we also stock keyboard-and-mouse combos. There are dozens of options that bundle a gaming keyboard and mouse (or you can buy your favourite mouse separately), a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, or other wireless keyboard and mouse combos.

Keyboards to match your mood

Add some personal flair to your next keyboard from MSY. Choose from single-colour backlit keyboards, RGB keyboards or popular white keyboard options.

More than just computer keyboards

Shop at MSY for a range of keyboards beyond the hundreds we have for computers. We also stock Apple iPad keyboard cases, keyboard cases for phones and other tablets, as well as Apple Magic keyboards.

Keyboard FAQs

MSY has quick answers for the most popular keyboard questions.

What are the different types of keyboards?

The two core types of keyboards are membrane or mechanical. Outside of this, there are also wired or wireless keyboards, gaming keyboards, ergonomic keyboards, flexible keyboards and keypads.

What keyboard is best for gaming?

Wired, mechanical keyboards are best for gaming because they offer the fastest keystroke actuation, which leads to quicker on-screen registering of key inputs for a noticeable competitive edge.

What else does a desktop computer need outside of a keyboard?

Outside of a keyboard, you also need a mouse to control everything you see. To see what the computer is doing, you also need a monitor, and you should consider adding speakers or headphones (or both) for sound.

Are mechanical keyboards really better than membrane keyboards?

Membrane keyboards are quieter than mechanical keyboards, but mechanical keyboards register keystrokes faster, which leads to faster typing and rewards quicker reflexes in online games.

Are gaming keyboards better than regular keyboards?

Gaming keyboards tend to focus on faster performance, which makes them great everyday keyboards, particularly for those who do a lot of typing. Gaming keyboards may also include additional gaming features, like n-key rollover, dedicated macro keys and media controls.

Are wired keyboards better than wireless keyboards?

Wired keyboards tend to have the lowest latency for registering keystrokes. But wireless keyboards have incredibly low latency these days, particularly for keyboards that use 2.4GHz wireless.

Which keyboard brand is best?

There’s tight competition between keyboard manufacturers, which means a lot of it boils down to personal preference. Consider a Logitech keyboard for everyday or gaming use; alternatively, Razer and Corsair keyboards are gaming-first options that are also great for everyday computing.